Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Diary: Bluetooth 101- The Wonders of a Second Thought.

I was getting so frantic and impatient; feelings of anger surged through my entire body. This is just about 4-month old phone it was already giving me this kind of issue tho'. It had been going on for some time, and at that point, I seemed to have exhausted all the ideas I had about how to get it to work but alas, my smartphone's bluetooth device wouldn't  just  pair with/connect to a new device. This went on for a while and I decided that I'd have the phone looked at once back to my Lagos base. (I was in Ekiti State at the time).
Back in Lagos, I tried again to use it, as I needed to get some important files from a friend's phone. Same message; "Failed to connect to..." I freaked! *Straight eyes* ‘ I have had enough with this faulty phone’, I resolved. ‘Will just fix or replace it’, on a second thought. In the thick of my rant-a-rage storm, my friend casually suggested , "Check your paired device list and delete some." I stopped mid-para and thawed like an ice cube in a hot pan. Who'd have 'thunk' it?
So, I hurriedly scrolled through, deleted a number of old devices I had paired with at some point in my phone's 'young' days, most of which I didn't even recall, let alone, need.
No sooner had I done that, than I was able to connect to my friend's device, and many more after that. Chei! ...and I felt really silly afterwards. *cover face*

Very importantly, this experience taught me a great lesson, which I will split into five(5) points;
1.To get fresh/new ideas, you have to let go of old values/habits.
2. You may never realize the associations/things you need to let go of, until you have failed repeatedly at getting new ones (and are really frustrated).
3.It sometimes takes an external factor/input (in my case, a friend), to help you realize that you need to let go of certain affiliations-comfort zones,you call it? Wait! Not that they are bad tho’, but they are not needful at that point.
4. The fact that you've long stopped contact/communication with certain contacts/people, doesn't mean that they still don't occupy your space/subconscious (emotional, physical, etc). That's a convenient mistake we all make.
5. Once you've let go of those old/redundant associations, you create a space for fresh 'inspirati'(-inspiration) to flow in.

The solution to a problem begins from the problem or sometimes lies within the problem...check within then without.

I dare say, why do we get mad at how our lives are turning out, or get frustrated at why we seem not to be making progress? We should just take some time out to examine ourselves, re-evaluate our associations (paired devices list) and gradually 'thin' it. Only then can we be free to move forward.

But hey, y'all shouldn't take (this) too seriously, this unassuming youth is just sharing lessons he learnt from his bluetooth device kwa!



 Jesujoba Popoola