Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Since there is time for everything under the sun....NOW is the set time for another STAR  to be unveiled!
Without any iota of doubts, there is a place for this bouquet of talents, inspiration and delight of every lover of good music across the world and very importantly the African-cum-Nigerian music industry.
 "STAR QUEST" –a popular music talent show aired on national TV  – presented this young damsel with a platform to show what stuffs she’s musically made of. An opportunity she grabbed with both hands. This did not come on a platter of gold. Her skilfulness, hardwork, doggedness  and poise made her the golden fish without a hiding place as she was selected from thousands of participants from Nigeria and other West African countries to emerge a lead vocalist of the EXCEL band.
*Enough of the suspense* Yes, I agree! Her name is DOYINSOLAMI. *wink*

(Back to business). You cannot take one thing away from this up and coming music artiste and that is her passion for LEARNING; on a daily basis Bowen University graduate of  Economics  refines her talents, develops her skills as she builds a brand to be proud of.  These attributes are evident in her new single "Bamidele" which is set to be released in the month of  June 2015. This  debut song has received commendations and enthusiasm from prominent DJs and music lovers from her demo review in selected lounges, gatherings and shows in major cities of Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Akure and even Ohio, Chicago and New York in United States of America.  The multi-talented singer garnished R n B with electrifying touch of the Yoruba cultural flavours.
Here are  few comments from the demo preview:
"I love this, I love the lyrics, I love everything about the song. Waooo, I'm proud of her mennnn,this is great" - New York.
"Nice, electrifying, like a Tiwa Savage concept, I love the song" - Enny 
"This is really nice, i love it" - Hipsy (Chicago).
"I argued it's Tiwa's new album, OMG I love this song" - Lagos
"Doyinsolami really tried. This is amazing, Honestly I give kudos to her" - Modinat
"Please can I use this song as my ringing tone,I just wish I could have and copy it". 
"To me,because I don't know much about music,its the best. I don dance to the music tire self. I love the music gan, She shaabi wella o. Sky is the beginning." Ronke
"I'm proud of my sister, she's the best! Bamidele is a great song and i'm sure it's going to beat people's imagination when it's eventually released. I'm confident Doyinsolami will go places in her music career! - Damola Olatunji (Nollywood Actor & Brother).
The list is almost inexhaustible and it keeps pouring in by the day.However,the common denominator remains "Nice" and "Lovely".

Bamidele produced by Teemode and mixed by world famous Indomix is in its final stage of production and offers a very rare combination of good lyrics, rhythm with a melodious voice. 
You can also read Doyinsolami's Interview in Saturday PUNCH  ( 30th May,2015 Edition) .
"Bamidele" which literally translates to "follow me home" is going to beat your imagination. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! 

Your fingers are already itching, hit her up via these social media platforms
Instagram: @dyhonnie 
Twitter: @dyhonnie
Facebook: @dyfada

Press statement released by ELO

Compiled by DotunDesuaD’Ambassador (eMCee Triple D) for De King’s Ambassador Services (Media and Publicity)

Monday, 18 August 2014


In retrospect, memorable moments crawl over my sight; just a few of them in all. What do you say to a man who portrays faith in the Almighty God?
And to the one who has priceless values, unyielding convictions and  futuristic mindset?
And the one who is armed with really practical perspective and solutions  to human experiences?
In a phrase...
Dad, you are absolutely PHENOMENAL!

I always smile whenever I am told I share the obvious(physical resemblance) with you. I always mumble within me, 'not  his ATM PIN codes'. But seriously, you have taught me how to be a solution provider and watch the whole world  beat a path to my door. 
Dad! I so much admire your reading and writing skills. It will interest you to know that a
little boy unintentionally tried to replicate how his father beautifully string words together but your guess is as good as mine. Those who read my writing can only but say; 'You write like a medical doctor', -what a consolation!  Some other time I will COPYRIGHT (copy it rightly)
Dad, you are surely GOD'S ELECT-human votes don't measure up to the Father's election.

*BAA MI- Way back, I stored his phone numbers with that nomenclature.
Dad, younger sister and the most handsome dude, myself.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Diary: Bluetooth 101- The Wonders of a Second Thought.

I was getting so frantic and impatient; feelings of anger surged through my entire body. This is just about 4-month old phone it was already giving me this kind of issue tho'. It had been going on for some time, and at that point, I seemed to have exhausted all the ideas I had about how to get it to work but alas, my smartphone's bluetooth device wouldn't  just  pair with/connect to a new device. This went on for a while and I decided that I'd have the phone looked at once back to my Lagos base. (I was in Ekiti State at the time).
Back in Lagos, I tried again to use it, as I needed to get some important files from a friend's phone. Same message; "Failed to connect to..." I freaked! *Straight eyes* ‘ I have had enough with this faulty phone’, I resolved. ‘Will just fix or replace it’, on a second thought. In the thick of my rant-a-rage storm, my friend casually suggested , "Check your paired device list and delete some." I stopped mid-para and thawed like an ice cube in a hot pan. Who'd have 'thunk' it?
So, I hurriedly scrolled through, deleted a number of old devices I had paired with at some point in my phone's 'young' days, most of which I didn't even recall, let alone, need.
No sooner had I done that, than I was able to connect to my friend's device, and many more after that. Chei! ...and I felt really silly afterwards. *cover face*

Very importantly, this experience taught me a great lesson, which I will split into five(5) points;
1.To get fresh/new ideas, you have to let go of old values/habits.
2. You may never realize the associations/things you need to let go of, until you have failed repeatedly at getting new ones (and are really frustrated).
3.It sometimes takes an external factor/input (in my case, a friend), to help you realize that you need to let go of certain affiliations-comfort zones,you call it? Wait! Not that they are bad tho’, but they are not needful at that point.
4. The fact that you've long stopped contact/communication with certain contacts/people, doesn't mean that they still don't occupy your space/subconscious (emotional, physical, etc). That's a convenient mistake we all make.
5. Once you've let go of those old/redundant associations, you create a space for fresh 'inspirati'(-inspiration) to flow in.

The solution to a problem begins from the problem or sometimes lies within the problem...check within then without.

I dare say, why do we get mad at how our lives are turning out, or get frustrated at why we seem not to be making progress? We should just take some time out to examine ourselves, re-evaluate our associations (paired devices list) and gradually 'thin' it. Only then can we be free to move forward.

But hey, y'all shouldn't take (this) too seriously, this unassuming youth is just sharing lessons he learnt from his bluetooth device kwa!



 Jesujoba Popoola



Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Piece of my Mind: To the Parents and Kids, Sexual Abusers and Victims...and You- Rx Jennifer Olakpe

Few weeks back when I was on night duty at Lagos Island maternity hospital a 13yr old girl was brought in, she had been raped by a 36yr old man ... 

Hmmm... I have had a lot of thoughts on my mind lately and I have been finding it difficult to put my thoughts into words, you know, that moment when you have a thousand and one thoughts in the crevices of your mind. I mean deep down you and you can't but unbottle the pent up mixed feelings.
I am sick and tired of hearing rape stories, it totally breaks my heart, and I just can’t imagine how the rape victims feel. Let's take a look at what rape really is. Rape is having sex with someone without their permission and forcefully too, so I can also state that it is possible for a woman to be raped by her husband. I used to think it was only girls that could be raped but talking to my best friend, he brought it to my knowledge that the male gender can also be raped just that the female rape is on the high side, he even went further telling me about a woman in Canada, who sexually abused her son’s male friends and was facing trial for the act. The one that’s so annoying and depressing is the case of the paedophiles….I mean like seriously (straight face)
A young girl carrying a baby

What is so attractive to any man, old enough to control his sexual urge (between I should think all men know how to control their sexual urges), in little girls that aren’t mature? It just disgusts me and beats my imagination to know that some 30yr old man will push his 'big thing' into a little girl's virgina, a girl who is about 10 years or less.  Oga  paedophile do you know what you do to this little ones? Do you know how damaged you leave them? Do you know what that dirty act turns these girls into? They are broken, shattered, destroyed on all sides; they feel less loved and guess what? That act destroys their love and outlook of life. That act even follows them into their relationships, oh how you destroy great destinies of our society, nation and world with that one dirty and abusive act!!!!!
Weeks back when I was on night duty at Lagos Island maternity hospital a 13yr old girl was brought in, she had been raped by a 36yr old man or so. He kidnapped her and after raping her he took her to Ajah and dumped her there. Like seriously if you must do haba!!!! I feel there are still cheap local babes, why put a girl through that trauma, hurt and pain? He was caught though but what hurts me is that the penalty for rape is less than 5 years in our country. At some point this year the rate of the paedophilia act increased amazingly, there were pictures flooding twitter of older men having their genitals in the mouth of little girls, I was disturbed and pained, I mean WHAT THE HELL!!!!! Don’t blame these girls if they become nymphs, you made them that way…..  It’s so rampant in India and I love what the government there did weeks back, death sentence should be the penalty for such a crime because to me you have indirectly destroyed a life and in a way destroyed a generation and a hope for a brighter tomorrow.
Dear mother why do close uncles rape your little girls? Note: I am not saying it is your fault but what role did you play in educating your little girls about sex? Did you tell them what their privates are and also alert them that no one; I mean NO ONE was allowed to touch them there? Or that if anyone did as much as touch them on any sensitive part of their body they should let you know? This are questions I ask myself when uncles rape their nieces because trust me it started from somewhere…it started from a Jane sit on my laps, smacking of Jane’s butt unnecessarily saying they are just playing with her, calling Jane my small wife, which small wife? Rebuke such statements as soon as it’s being made! Even with the aunts too, touching the little girls growing breast….I am sorry if I am taking this too far but hey! Don’t blame my mind. I think its high time parents learned and got used to enlightening their kids about these things. I am not a mother yet so if you are saying what does she know about parenting sef ? You are right, I know nothing but I know and feel that the relationship between parents and their kids should be as though they are best friends; get involved dear mum and dad, yes! the dads are not left out! Be involved in their everyday life it’s not just about school and assignments, be accessible!!! Let your kids be free to tell you personal stuff, make yourself their daily living diary, avoid a certain level of closeness between your daughter and one uncle or you son and one aunt. Talking about house helps, honestly only God can save parents from the hands of the wrong house helps. No one knows the heart of man, pray for your kids and also pray that God touches the hearts of whoever you leave them with. God help us all and I pray that we have the grace to be the best parents we can be, AMEN!
...then comes a sigh of relief; so free a mind. *wink*

Written by Pharm Jennifer Olakpe.
Jennifer Olakpe

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


This group has done great things for itself in North Cyprus and has been replicating such feats in Nigeria and London, UK in bits. Also, having a mass choir worldwide in the long run is a desire which will metamorphose into a  huge platform for gospel singers in Nigeria and the Diaspora.
-Deborah Monebi, Visionary and founder.


On July 4, 2010 a group of young Christians with passion of sharing the good news of Christ to men came together to form a singing group called the SECRET OF DAVID.

“We want to meet the heart cry of people who are longing to encounter the living God through worship and songs”, Deborah  said.

With conviction, passion and clarity she lets us into the genesis of the name Secret of David.
“The SECRET OF DAVID was that he knew how to call on God, if you read through the book of psalms you we see he knew when and how to use the right word for every situation. We are here to take you to a place where encountering and interacting with God will no more be a difficult thing”.


-To evangelize

-To create an atmosphere of communication with God (worship)

-To give hope and encouragement to people and nations

-To bring revival to His church and nations of the earth.

-To portray in works and deed the power inherent in spiritual songs


Since ‘Secret of David’ is in Cyprus and now in Nigeria and London. The next step is working on gathering a mass choir worldwide and birthing a suitable platform via concerts, listening parties, trainings, to mention a few, for gospel singers/musicians in Nigeria and beyond.  Besides, SoD anticipates having a debut album pretty soon.




·         Benedict (WORDSMITH) Solomon: Nigerian with a Masters degree in Economics (in view) and first of five siblings. 

The Gift and Craft: “Music, composition and the ability to be crafty with words is a gift I discovered at age 8.”

The Beginnings and SOD: “Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Kirk Franklin , R.Kelly and the likes influenced my singing experience....the Secret Of David (S.O.D) Cyprus chapter In April 2012(formative period)”

The Experience and more: “It has been wonderful worshipping under that umbrella with young minds that are filled with the Holy spirit, composing and showcasing the gifting of God together sharpening ourselves and reaching out as the Spirit leads”.

Wordsmith has an album, five singles, a video and two slide videos.

Please do see for yourself!

·         KOLI AKPET, Nigerian.

Singing Experience and Music: “My earliest memory is in the school choir of my primary school. I also remember singing a lot at home because my neighbours and siblings still talk about it- I was their worst nightmare. My parents were quite supportive about my interest in music. However, music was always an escape to me, a place where I could always find peace; something I loved doing a lot! Now, singing is more than a hobby or passion. It is my voice and more than anything, I want to be heard. I don't restrict myself to a particular type of music because I express myself through my music- I sing it as I feel it.”

Purpose and Aspirations:  “Someday, I want to tour the world and bless people's lives with my music the same way other ministers have blessed and transformed my life with the message in their songs. Today, I head an amazing group of young Christians in North Cyprus who share my passion for the gospel music ministry and together we do amazing things for God. We sing, dance, act and are ready to do anything that'll bless God's heart and the heart of His people. There's no greater satisfaction in life than doing that which you know you were created for”.

·          FRANCOIS-XAVIER ADA, Cameroonian.

SoD and my Changed Life: “Secret of David has been part of my life since 2010 and I have cherished every single day of it. It has truly changed my life. I have learnt a great deal from my peers and colleagues in SOD. When I joined the family I wasn't a born again Christian but from the encouragements of my brothers and sisters in the group, I decided to give my life to Christ and it has never been the same”.

Gift and Worship: “My musical skills, career and network have tremendously increased. Back home in Cameroon, I used to sing in a group called Freedom. We did mostly casual Christian and motivational singing and people clapped and applauded our efforts. Then SOD taught me about worshipping God. Just like David, I asked God to create in me a clean heart so that I may worship Him too.

Love at Work and Plans: “I guess the secret in SOD is the love we have for each other. Though silent sometimes, we love each other very much. I have so many plans for the future! God help me! Musically I believe in God's grace in me to add color to the way people worship in Africa”.


ROLL CALL:Deborah Monebi(Visionary and founder), Koli Akpet(North Cyprus Leader), Franksua Affana(Founding member-tenor/Bass), Wordsmith Benedict(all parts),Laide Dairo(Suprano),Toure Osigbemhe(treble),Sophia Izekor(Founding member-Alto),Adprah Mepba(Suprano)


WATCH AND BE INSPIRED BY SoD’s live performances and concerts.

‘Cos I have been inspired by these songs, wont you?


Song: If there were no God/I’m not ashamed of the name above all names-


They sang this to the admiration of a white crowd. Praise medley(an amateur video tho’). Song: This Praise Medley will get you praising even the white folks couldn’t help it!

Join SoD on these social media platforms. They are:


Twitter: @secretofdavid


Google plus-

LONDON:  +447424159267

CYPRUS:  +447930526642
NIGERIA:  +2348115360070



SoD’s hands are wide open to like-minded singers and instrumentalists in Nigeria, London UK, to mention but a few. To be a part of this simply call or send SMS to any of the contact numbers.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


What Really Matters.

 As we journey here on earth, perspective really counts. It (perspective) will determine if we live a beautiful or miserable life. Read  the story below and be inspired.
A man once went to a minister for counseling.
“I’ve lost everything” he bemoaned. “Oh,” the preacher responded, “I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost your faith.” “No,” the man corrected him, “I haven’t lost my faith.” “Well then,” replied the preacher, “I’m sad to hear you’ve lost your character.” “I didn’t say that,” the man corrected. “I still have my character.” “Then I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost your salvation.” “That’s not what I said!” the man objected, beginning to lose patience. The minister explained, “Well, you have your faith, your character, and your salvation. Seems to me, you have lost none of the things that really matter.”
We haven’t either. You and I could pray like the Puritan who sat down to a meal of bread and water. He bowed his head and declared, “All this and Jesus too?” Can’t we be equally content? Paul says in 1 Timothy 6:6, “Godliness with contentment is great gain!”
 All I pray this day is that I see from your perspective, dear Lord 'cos that's what really matters.

And He Kissed the dust...
In a concentration camp, a guard announced a shovel was missing. Screaming at the men, he kept insisting someone had stolen it. He shouldered his rifle, ready to kill one prisoner at a time until a confession was made. As the story continues, a Scottish soldier broke ranks, stood stiffly at attention, and said, “I did it.” The guard killed the man. As they returned to camp, the shovels were counted. The guard had made a mistake. No shovel was missing after all.
It cannot be any other than my righteous Saviour and Lord. The man Jesus isn't further from this equation. If he could not take my place, who would?
Thank you Jesus for taking my place!

Both stories culled from Max Lucado's e-devotional.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Memories...awaken by the dust of Benin

Away from Bauchi,
Far away from the clutches of Book-A-Ram vampires.
But long way from home.
I ran as fast as I could yet I fainted slowly...
All eyeballs rolling in the womb of the dusk.
Of the domain of Omo N'Oba the King. (Yawn)

The city-gates flung open and the voice rang through.
'Welcome back to Benin'!
Two full cycles are gone and here I come.
To pay homage...Oba atopeye!
(Long live the king).